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Carolina, P.R.
Plaza Recreo




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Municipio de Carolina

By an comprehesive effort by both the Municipal Government to revive the town center, Carolina’s main square or “Plaza de Recreo” was subject to a major reconstruction. The square is used for cultural activities, artisan fairs and jazz concerts (many performed by students from the nearby Art School “Escuela de Bellas Artes de Carolina”) With this intervention, the town square has become broadly accessible, for community passive activity and cultural venues.


Project Program:

1. Complete reconstruction of the deteriorated “Plaza”, and integration to the urban surroundings- Ignacio Arzuaga Street at the North, Casa Escuté at the West, Dr. Barbosa Street at the South and Fernández Juncos Street and City Hall at the East.

2. Converted a section of  Muñoz Rivera Street, to expand the public “Plaza”.

3. Restoration of North and South areas adjacent to the historic Parroquial Catholic Church.

4.Planting of 60 trees and native shrubs, proper to the urban environment.  Most of the existing trees (large) were conserved, the others were replanted at an other site.

5. Night illumination.

Concessionaire and Public Bathroom

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