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Casa Mar

San Juan, Puerto Rico - 2011

The project seeks to develop a fresh and novel concept for a private single-family residence in the context of a major public beach on the urban edge of San Juan. Altering this neighborhood’s traditional relationship with the ocean - one of virtual negation, the design reverts this tendency by celebrating the views to the sea and making it the focus of the important living spaces.


The initial concern - public vs. private = site vs. program - led to reconsider the typical site relationship by elevating the living spaces on two (2) levels above the ground and establishing a new ‘horizon’ with the clear intention of buffering – yet integrating - the intensely frequented beach.  At the same time, this (3m) rise safeguards from a possible hurricane/storm surge - approximately every decade.


Addressing sustainability, the house features a linear photovoltaic-paneled pergola generating energy for most domestic consumption (except air aconditioning) as well as providing shade and protection for the a/c compressors.  Hot water is supplied by a vaccum tube solar heater.  Rainwater is retained and stored in a ground-level cistern, supplying water for landscaping and hose bibs, as well as replenishing pool evaporation. 


South Facade


Ground Floor

Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan

Roof Plan

Roof Deck Plan

View from the Beach

Swimming Pool

Facade Detail


2nd Floor


2nd Floor


Dining Room


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