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Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a full service architecture, historic preservation, and urban design firm with an excellent reputation for performance in a wide range of private and public projects. Our firm has a strong background in the design of new buildings, restoration, rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, and urban design. This experience, coupled with constantly evolving problem-solving capabilities related to new functional and aesthetic demands, presents the firm as being a logical component of most design/building projects.


Throughout the years our office, along with the former parent firms, HTC Davis AIA Architects (1956-1982) and JRC Davis Pagán Arquitectos (1982-1996), and former name Davis, Fuster Arquitectos (1997-2004) has demonstrated that is capable of developing and delivering projects on time and within budget. Additionally, our computer literate and bilingual personnel have different backgrounds and post-professional degrees (with expertise ranging from urban design to business administration) that provides us with great flexibility in design and project administration.


At COLEMAN DAVIS ARQUITECTOS we seek originality in all our projects, while maintaining the sound footing of our tropical milieu and our rich culture. Our Caribbean context informs our building designs; our projects are designed on the Pazian premise that 'to become truly Modern we must first reconcile ourselves with our past. Furthermore, our extensive work with historic structures and vernacular buildings has greatly influenced our contemporary work. Therefore, architectural elements like wide overhangs, brise-soleils, jalousies windows and a particular emphasis on the use and manipulation of exterior spaces are characteristic of our work.


Through our buildings we try to raise consciousness of the value of our natural and cultural heritage without resorting to the pastiche of the pseudo-historic, "post-modern" o fake "Mediterranean" styles, as unfortunately one so often sees in our region. Our architecture tries to deal with the physical exploration of our tropical reality in a particular approach that inquires to the possibilities of the modernist aesthetic in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean as taught by our modernist masters Osvaldo Toro, Miguel Ferrer and Henry Klumb.


Over the years, our clients have recognized our contribution to their development objectives and have returned to us repeatedly with new commissions; further reinforced by a number of local and international design publications and awards received for our projects.

Head Architect
JR Coleman Davis Pagán
Enrique Coleman Davis Tió
Edgardo Ocasio Roig
Architect in Training
Lisandra P. Zayas
Architect in Training
Annelis Aldebol López
Architect in Training
Liz Natal López
Architect in Training
Norahya P. Concepción
Architect in Training
Sophia Rivera Cruz
Architect in Training
Nildalice Berrios Negrón
Architect in Training
Leia Gonzalez Vega
Valery Vega Varela
Fabiana Vega Díaz
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