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Miramar, P.R.
Casa La Paz

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A family of three (3) acquires an existing house to transform its dark, deplorable and disjointed state into their ‘dream’ residence. Set in a small, narrow lot in the unique neighborhood of Miramar, where selective properties define a small historic area.  Not classified significant, lacking distinctive architectural features, the original structure dates from the 1920s.  It has suffered an unfortunate reconstruction/expansion in 1973 and then another tactless intervention in the 1980's when it was divided into two (2) separate units. Nonetheless, it's sound structural condition allows a sensitive metamorphosis - without opting for complete demolition.



  • Selective demolition with the intension of liberating interior spaces and site.

  • Reduce longitudinal mass, eliminating complete sections at extreme ends.

  • Open frames at the volume’s end – free of walls (cased only with doors/windows).

  • Maximize the orientation towards the exterior, particularly to the back patio/yard.

  • Permit light penetration, demolishing concrete carport and wood terrace at South facade.

  • Achieve optimum interior illumination and natural (East/West) ventilation.

  • South facade reconfigured with concrete screen, which mitigates and filters light.

  • Main axis from entrance culminates at back patio/yard.

  • Vertical connection by means of new stair in central well - with skylight

  • Interior finishes reinforce illumination and continuity of spaces.


Principal Spaces:

A discreet entrance leads to the vestibule, living, dining (bedroom to one side), and at the extreme, the kitchen opens to this rectilinear space, as well as to back patio/yard.  Along this alignment, access to the second level with two (2) bedrooms, which share a living/family/library space, bordered by the new screen which acts a South-facing ‘balcony’.



6,180 sqft
Sr. Christian Richenbach
& Lic. Nannette Richenbach

Façade Details

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