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San Juan, P.R.
Parque Laguna del Condado

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Compañía de Parques Nacionales de PR

El Parque de la Laguna de El Condado project consists of a new city park at the Condado Lagoon's eastern shore for active and passive recreation. It is located within a lot of almost four (4) cuerdas. Its surroundings include the immediate neighborhoods to the North and East of the site, the Condado Lagoon to the West and the roads that flank the site to the West (Wilson street and Baldorioty de Castro Ave.).


The approach was to effectively integrate communal recreation areas into the existing urban fabric. The design included:


-Pedestrian promenade/connection to the lagoon.

-Facilitate access for aquatic activities (kayaking and rowing).

-Rehabilitation of a historical structure for new community use.

-Minimal police station and public rest areas.

-Structure for kayak and canoe storage.

-Gazebo at the center of the park.

-Parking facility and traffic flow improvement.

-Nocturnal illumination. 

-Hundreds of natives trees and shrubs planted to reforest the area.

-Existing electrical sub-station was integrated.

Early Concept Ideas

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