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Cayey, P.R.
Casa del Cuento


The Municipality of Cayey reopened a historic house located in its old town, between the Maduro Carrión and Nuñez Romeu streets.  This building will host the Casa del Cuento Puertorriqueño, a small museum dedicated to the tradition of Puerto Rican stories and story- telling. Previously known as the Casa Gavillán, it was home to a single family for fifty years before its recent reconstruction.


The residence was built in 1910 in a lot of 360.0 square meters. Its particular design makes it unique in its class, not only because of its architectural characteristics, but because its typology is considered a cultural gem, being almost extinct in the town of Cayey. For many years this house had been forgotten, taken in by the shadows of the town and welcoming the clandestine deposit of trash as well as illicit and delinquent activities.


The Municipality of Cayey acquired the property through expropriation in order to make better use of it and to eliminate a public hindrance- contributing at the same time to the rehabilitation of the traditional urban center. The decision of turning the Casa Gavillán into the Casa del Cuento Puertorriqueño also helps fulfill the necessity of a cultural center for the students of the area.



Municipio de Cayey

Axonometric Drawing

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