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Coamo, P.R.
Villas de Coamo


This low income housing project was sponsored by the Housing Development Authority of Puerto Rico (La Autoridad para el Financiamiento de la Vivienda de Puerto Rico [AFVPR]). The site is located next to “Barrio Pueblo de Coamo”.

Villas de Coamo is a multifamily housing project “walk-up” type, that consists of five buildings of three levels each. There will be eightyfour (84) apartment units of three bedrooms each. All the buildings are organized around a plaza for the common use of the residents.


The public living areas in the apartment are oriented to the east to take advantage of the cross ventilation and the views of the town center and plaza. The building (and parking) are terraced taking into account the sloping terrain.  

The building module includes six (6) apartments, (two [2] apartment per floor)joined together by a central stair case. All the buildings are elevated two and a half feet from the street to give more privacy to the apartments on the first level.    



Autoridad para el Financiamiento
de la Vivienda de PR



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