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Casa del Viento 

Culebra, Puerto Rico 

Two (2) (co)owners build two (2) residences with minimal impact (net zero) on a densely wooded tropical terrain.


Within a compact two thousand seven hundred square foot (2,700sf) envelope, each residence contains: living/dining, kitchen, two (2) bedrooms – with bath, frontal terrace and balconies at the extreme ends.


The simple / minimalist rectangular configuration is totally constructed in reinforced/exposed concrete, elevated above the terrain on pillars/columns and cistern (12,000gal).  Limiting walls to the structurally essential, permits the placing of continuous - jalousie/operable louvers - windows and doors, which facilitate cross-ventilation from diverse (changing) angles and/or orientations.


The planting of two hundred (minimum) native and/or fruit trees has begun within the six (6.125) <cuerda> (aprox. 5.5 acre) lot, which borders (100meters) the Luís Peña Channel  /  Caribbean Sea.


Topography and Ventilation

Site Plan

Site Plan

Floor Plan

Exterior View


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