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Restauración Capilla Mayor

San Juan, Puerto Rico - 2012

The project entails the complete restoration of a historic Chapel at Sacred Heart University (1913). The Chapel, with its spacious, sunlight-filled cast concrete gothic roof vaults, is a building of surprises; the intersection of the Neo- Classical and the Neo-Gothic is innovative and filled with dynamic juxtaposition.


The most compelling view of its interior is the adoption of a Northern-Gothic Hall-Church design with side aisles almost at the same level as the nave vaults. This is accomplished by positioning the side aisle vaults perpendicular to the direction of the nave. Similar vaults - positioned side-by-side (north and south) and  frame over each bay - appear at St. Philibert Church (12th-century) at Tournus, Burgundy, France.

View from the Choir

Aerial View

Site View

Main Floor


Main Entrance


Altar and Side Stain Glass Window



Connection Detail

Columbarium Wood/Etched Glass Screen


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