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Comandancia de la Policia

Caguas, Puerto Rico

This project for the Police Headquarters of the city of Caguas is divided into two (2) interconected buildings. The first building consists of six (6) floors that covers the Caguas headquaters area.  The second is a two-story building which houses the principal precint.  The project design also includes an annex used for general storage and a mechanic workshop for official cars and motorcycles. The new facilities cover an area of approximately ninety thousand square feet (90,000 ft.). 


The scope of this project includes the following areas: Area Commander, Auxiliary Commander, Administration and Legal Counsel, Division of Administrative Investigations, Public Relations Office, Community Affairs, Crime Victims Unit, Certificates of Good Conduct, Police Athletic League, Criminal Investigation Group, Criminal Intelligence, Security and Protection Division, Motor Pool, Mechanical Workshop, parking for 375 vehicles, as well as other general areas (warehouse, emergency plant, gymnasium, radio, communications).

Exterior Details

Site Plan

Vertical "Secure" Windows

Facade Details with Skylights

Lighting Fixtures and Main Facade

Main Facade

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