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Restauración Teatro UPR

San Juan, Puerto Rico - 2006
This project proposes the rehabilitation and restoration of the University of Puerto Rico’s Theater, at the Rio Piedras Campus. This  magna room, built in 1939 is doubtlessly a jewel of our architectural patrimony. For sixty years El Teatro has been one of the most important cultural centers of the island’s  range of artistical productions, including, among others, theatrical plays and dances of well known local companies, symphony orchestras, operas, popular artists and distinguished lecturers. Also, for more than twenty years the theatre was home of the world-wide recognized Casals’ Festival. This cultural center was also used for graduations, theatrical art courses, university assemblies and as main center of the Department of Drama at Rio Piedras.  In a certain ways, it opened the doors to the cultural growth of the Puerto Rican public. 

Auditorium Side Access

Site Plan

Front Elevation

Back Elevation

Side Elevation


Facade Detail


South Facade

Arch Detail

Gallery Arches

Auditorium from Stage


Auditorium Ceiling


Main Level


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