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Restauración Calle Sol 102

San Juan, Puerto Rico - 1993

This project involved the extensive rehabilitation of a 5,600 square foot apartment building, within the historic zone of San Juan.  This three-story structure consisted of one ample rental unit per floor, each one including living/dining space, complete kitchen, small studio, two bedrooms and two baths.  The third story apartment extends to a minimal penthouse (mirador) and a roof terrace.


Due to the very poor structural condition of the walls, the building had to be reinforced and practically rebuilt. Apart from the extensive structural intervention, all new finishes were in order, including floor tiles, ceramic wall tile, and complete millwork. The electrical and plumbing systems were completely redone.  The entire building was re-plastered and the existing facade cornices/moldings were restored, in addition to creating new decorative elements in the interior courtyard and penthouse volume.  The original precast terrazzo stair was restored and a new (contemporary) metal flight to the roof was built.


By doing the refurbishing work under the Architect’s “construction management”, the building has been hailed as one of the finest examples of rehabilitation work in Old San Juan.


Level 1 & 2

Level 3 & 4

Sketch of New Stair Extension

Skylight Over Stair Extension

Stair Supports - from Skylight

Handrail Detail

Grill Under Skylight

Interior Courtyard

Stair Detail

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