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Caleta 62

San Juan, Puerto Rico - 2006

This project is located in Old San Juan, at Caleta de San Juan St. #62. It is a one story building built between 1850 and 1900, which will be rehabilitated and used as residence for a single family.


Spatial studies of the building along with several interviews with the client, led to the conclusion that additional space would be required to satisfy the family’s needs. Our design proposal would try to solve this situation and at the same time respect and preserve the historical value of the building.


The addition of a second level resolves the family’s needs. This new structure is set back from the original facade, this way the new volume  respects its urban  context by “slipping back” from the street level. In order to preserve the existing structure, our intervention will be separated 29” from the roof surface. The main concept is to create a volume which could be theoretically “removed” while the original structure remains almost intact, allowing the possibility to return the house to its original form. A sharp contrast between the old and new construction materials  characterizes the intended relationship between the structures. 


Main Level Plan

Second Floor Plan


Bird's Eye View


Terrace Detail with Courtyard

Patio Detail

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