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Casa Serrallés

Ponce, Puerto Rico - 1993

Casa Serralles, built in 1913 as a fashionable/up-scale townhouse was restored to be used as a mixed-use facility for the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, and currently  Museum of Music.


The 6,000-square-foot property includes an exhibit gallery, seminar rooms, offices, and a formal garden area. 


The wood joist and corrugated galvanized metal roof was replaced entirely, salvageable millwork was refurbished, and new doors and windows were installed where required. The unique hydraulic cement tile floor was patched and refinished. All the pine wood floors were replaced throughout. Historic photographs were used to remake the original stain glass panels.



Main Level


Stain Glass Fabrication

Patio Entrance and Annex

(Bay) Window

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