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Tienda Shehab

San Juan, Puerto Rico - 1999

The design of this store responds to the clients’ necessity of having an appropriate space for the exhibition and selling of fine women’s clothing and accessories. This project follows two previous designs for Shehab stores in El Condado area (De Diego Ave.) and in Guaynabo. 


Located in the new parking building of the Presbyterian Community Hospital in El Condado, the store consumes 2,400 square feet of space. The design concept emphasizes the use of minimal forms, neutral colors, natural light, and open space in order to allow the merchandise to be adequately shown without significant visual distractions. The only dominant feature in the scheme is a wooden "wave" that unifies the space, taking advantage of the inclined existing ceiling and at the same time making an abstract reference to the ocean nearby.

43-SHEHAB NEW_edited.jpg


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