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Casa Frente a la Playa

San Juan, Puerto Rico - 2004
This 3,900 sq.ft. three-level structure opens entirely to the sea in front of it. In this way the house bridges the ocean and the land. The domestic areas are organized around a triple-height space that alludes to the function and scale of the space that alludes to the function and scale of the interior patios of colonial houses. The patio is visually and functionally an extension of the hall and the dining room, and brings natural light and ventilation to the residence. The patio space culminates on the ground floor with a circular pool that is treated as a pond flanking the existing garage annex.
A triple height space is lighted by means of several cylindrical as a way to celebrate the intense light of the Caribbean by rearticulating the traditional use of colored glass and surfaces around light openings.  The facade is treated as a pervious surface that contains a giant window which frames the view of the sea from the second and third level. All the rooms in this house are dominated by a brise-soleil that neutralizes the impact of the sun on the South facade.
The design for this house also attempts to make the most of the plastic, constructive, and economic capacities of reinforced concrete, the mos common and inexpensive material on the island.

Front View

Section and Main Floor

Level 1 & 2

Level 3 & 4

Staircase From the 2nd Floor

Staircase From Below

Brise Soleil & Skylight Zoom In

View From the Dining Room

Terrace View

Living Room

Exterior Terrace

Aerial View

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